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We represent the solution, with 25 years of experience

Older people are experienced consumers. Contrary to popular misconceptions in marketing, if they are indeed part of the GRPs that you buy, it’s not down to this that they will be won over by your campaign. They want to be considered by brands, and not only by featuring a person with grey hair or any other cliché ! But, we’ll explain you all ! 

The Term "Senior" isn't one size fits all !

Of course, « Senior » is a convenient way to refer to the over-50s, however, it is reductive as it groups together into the same segment, people who are very different – a man who is still working fully and a retired woman in her 80s for example. They are quite different: they are physically different, they don’t share the same desires, they don’t share the same consumer habits, they aren’t involved in the same activities and they don’t even have the same purchasing power, or generational markers… moreover, the former are, in terms of generation, the children of the latter!

This is why you need a specialist agency

As you can imagine, over 25 years, we have had plenty of opportunity to test, try out and succeed in many projects. From this wealth of experience and our observation of the evolution of this target market, we are able to continue to guarantee our clients with the most specialist expertise in this area. 

Senioragency is also a centre of excellence, comprising research, Aartifial intelligence and data experts which allows us to support our clients optimally.

All these points make it possible to offer truly effective solutions for optimal ROI at a fair investment. 

Contrary to popular misconceptions, it is not enough to simply roll-out a campaign using a specialized medium!

It is not enough to show older people in good health and use a larger typeface to succeed in persuading the over-50s… Similarly, a senior strategy cannot simply be based on a presence in two or three specialist media as managers like to believe! We will support you independently to make the right choice to achieve your objectives. 


3 key moments to reach them!

As older people can be so diverse, we have created a segmentation with makes it possible to target the right person, with the right message and the right media plan 


Soon-to-be or recently retired people – it's a milestone, preparing for or discovering a new way of life, it's also the opportunity to tempt them with captive products or others! Banking, insurance, travel, leisure, cars... the opportunities are endless!


The much-awaited moment, especially among women – becoming grandparents! With the arrival of baby-boomers, grandparents are even more involved in daily family life, with evening babysitting, wrap-around care and even holidays! More than just giving presents, they are part of family life and nothing is too much. This represents an opportunity to appeal to them as well as their children and grandchildren.

The Silver Economy

Between now and 2050, people aged 85 and over will increase fivefold. Is your company and are your products ready? Are you senior friendly? It would be a shame to miss the opportunity offered by a truly developing market. Ageing well applies to all domains... Adapt your products, packaging and above all, make sure you're featured in this market


Older people aren't a part from the market, they are part of it !


People over 55 In Belgium


% buying power representing the +55s in Belgium


Rate of internet connection in Belgium


55+ with a Facebook account in Belgium

How can we help you ?


  • Existing communication audit
  • Consumer research, surveys, pre-tests
  • Observation in-situ
  • Strategic product/service recommendations
  • Strategic planning

We support you through every step of the thought process

Creation of campaigns

  • Media : TV, press, Radio
  • E-mailing : Newsletters or Data Solutions
  • Online communication : Social, Networks, content

Wheter for large or small budgets, we find the ideal solution



Tactical Actions


Have you already got a campaign but would like to consider a variation targeting the over-55s more effectively ? We can propose various solutions !

Our own tools

HappyGrandsParents.be / Happy-Oma-Opa.be

The first community for Grandparents in Belgium

With the arrival of the baby boomers, we will find a new generation of Granddads and Grandmas. More involvement in daily family life, greater influence on the choices made by the family, a brief but real opportunity to reach the entire family with a highly sentimental and very positive message for the target audience!

50 + Data

Our Database tool is deal for activating older people

In partnership with a List Broker, we have developed an impressive database to activate your brands. Some 600,000 older people are awaiting your email!


The ageing well website

Ageing well, whether at home or residential care, is becoming a real social issue. Silver-pages.be aims to offer a directory of service providers for the Silver Economy along with all their top tips! Book your place now!

Coming soon !

Our Clients

Over the 25 years that we have been operating, we had the opportunity to advise many companies, the list below features just some of our most recent projects. You want to know more about our creative jobs ? Let’s have a meeting ! 

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To be able to serve you even better, Senioragency has kept its know-how and has joined forces with Big and its belgian branch Big Return. On the program : more teams available in even more sectors… lets try it ! 

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